About Me

Hi! My name is Elise Guevara, I'm a Bay Area Native (Literally I am of Native American decent), and was reintroduced to land of YA Literature a few years back. The journey back has been an exciting one. Traveling  through the otherworldly domains, demon fighting, running for my life, fighting against all odds, and still managing to fall in love, all the while, never leaving the comfort of my warm, cozy room.
No matter how tough the real world can seem to me at times, there's always the chance of that one good book jumping out at me from the shelf of a book store...urging me to get lost in it's pages. I tend to get lost quite frequently in the worlds they present to me.
Currently YA Fiction, Fantasy, non-fiction, and drama are the genres I gravitate toward, but they are by no means limitations for me.  I read what calls to me.