Monday, August 31, 2009

In My Mail Box-9/31/09:

So I'm new to this, but from what I've learned, in my mail box allows you to see the books that I acquire on a weekly basis. I chose Mondays to post my "In My Mail Box" because...well...I'm a mom, and I do my best reading when my son's at school.
If you are interested in participating as well you may click here and join. Enjoy.

This week was slow, I had little chance to finish my stack, but I was very lucky to have borrowed some very interesting books, by some very awesome writers from my friend Nancy. (www.LushBudgetProduction., totally name dropped.) Anyway, here's what's in my mailbox:

In The Forests Of The Night
By:Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Never Cry Werewolf By: Heather Davis
Strange Angels By:Lili St. Crow
Vampire Kisses By: Ellen Schreiber
Prophecy Of The Sisters By: Michelle Zink
Full Moon By: Rachel Hawthorn
Moonlight By: Rachel Hawthorn
Deadly little Secret By: Laurie Faria Stolarz
Bones Of Faerie By: Janni Lee Simner
The Summoning By: Kelley Armstrong

I'm currently reading Never Cry Werewolf, and so far so good. It's caught my attention, and I hope it'll continue to be an interesting read.

What's In Your Mail Box?

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